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Automatic Products Co., Inc is committed to the highest standards of ethical and business conduct as it relates to our employees, as they are our most vital asset, including basic working conditions and human rights. The individual and collective contribution of Automatic Products’ people at all levels are essential to the success of the company. In recognition of this, Automatic Products has developed policies and practices designed to assure that our employees enjoy the protections afforded by the concepts set forth in our employee handbook.

It is the policy of Automatic Products to attract and retain the best qualified people available without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, or veteran status. Our nondiscrimination policy applies to applicants as well as employees and covers all terms and conditions of employment, including recruiting, hiring, transfers, promotions, terminations, compensation and benefits. Discrimination or harassment based on any of the above factors is prohibited, as is retaliation against a person who has made a complaint or given information regarding possible violations of this policy.

We are committed to providing employees with a safe and healthful workplace, protecting the environment wherever we conduct business and striving for excellence in safety, health and environment stewardship.

We are committed to promoting a work environment that fosters communication, productivity, creativity, teamwork, and employee engagement. We seek to provide employees with compensation and benefits that are fair and equitable for the type of work and geographic location (local market) where the work is being performed, and competitive with other world-class companies.

Automatic Products establishes work shifts and schedules as appropriate to meet business needs and to comply with applicable laws.

We are committed to the highest standards of ethical and business conduct as it relates to the procurement of goods and services. Our relationships with our third-party providers, including our consultants and contract labor, are defined by contracts (purchase orders), which are based on lawful, ethical, fair, and efficient practices.

Automatic Products believes that the employment relationship should be voluntary, and the terms of employment must comply with applicable laws and regulations. We are therefore opposed to slavery, human trafficking, forced labor and child labor and are committed to complying with applicable laws prohibiting such exploitation.

We inform our employees about this conduct, and we will encourage the partners and suppliers in our worldwide supply chain to adopt and enforce concepts similar to those listed above. Employees who believe there may have been a violation of this conduct should report it through established channels, and no retaliatory action will be tolerated against anyone who comes forward to raise genuine concerns about possible violations of this conduct. Automatic Products may conduct assessments, as needed, to measure compliance related to the above commitments, using systems and processes it chooses. Automatic Products will periodically review these beliefs to determine whether revisions are appropriate. Any such revisions shall be promptly published on Automatic Products’ website.

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